5 Things to Have in Place Before Hiring Freelancers

Businesses are increasingly embracing freelancers, realizing the many benefits of using contract workers for their projects. With more than 20 million people expected to leave the workforce to become freelancers in the next five years, businesses will find themselves dealing with a talent shortage. ...

Avoid These 10 Email Mistakes!

Avoid These 10 Email Mistakes!
            Reading and replying to emails is a common part of every career professional’s day. Email is a quick and convenient way to stay connected with team members, coworkers, clients, bosses, and supervisors throughout the work day that helps you avoid face-to-face conversations or phone calls. ...

FLSA Overtime Rule Resources

Experts say HR should prepare to track the time employees spend using smartphones for work.
ORLANDO, Fla.—Several studies reveal that employees who use smartphones work longer hours. Little wonder.
Employees can access work after regular hours from home or on the weekends via e-mail, texting and a plethora of apps such as WhatsApp, Slack, Asana or Basecamp. ...

This is why you should #HireTrans at work

Alic, a pediatric oncology nurse, features in the #HireTrans campaign

A new social media campaign is urging employers to #HireTrans: encouraging them to recruit and support transgender staff.
The campaign has been launched by the Trans Employment Program at the SF LGBT Center in California – which is highlighting the experiences that trans, non-binary and queer communities have in the workplace and promoting the #HireTrans and #TransAtWork hashtags. ...

Businesses are more creative with anti-discrimination policies than those without

'Pro-LGBT individuals tend to be more creative than anti-LGBT individuals.'

The news from a recent study shows that businesses come up with more ideas when they anti-discrimination policies in place.
‘In our research we examine the effect of US state-level ENDAs (state-level employment nondiscrimination acts) on innovation,’ researchers Huasheng Gao and Wei Zhang write in the Harvard Business Review. ...

Working World May Change Thanks to Generation Z, Study Reveals

HR needs to prepare for these employees, who blend old-school values with digital-native expectations
Get ready, HR: Not only is Generation Z entering the workforce, it may change the way work gets done.
This according to a new survey report from global job board Monster, which reveals, among many other things, that innovations in digital communications and the ability to always be connected may change how everyone works. ...

Violence Prevention Programs

Violence prevention programs should establish goals and objectives, as well as methods to reach those ends. The goals and objectives, of course, differ based on the size, complexity, and type of work done in the particular workplace for which the policy is being developed, and should be readily adaptable to different situations within that workplace. ...

Poll: Young Americans overwhelmingly favor LGBT rights

WASHINGTON (AP) — Young people in America overwhelmingly support LGBT rights when it comes to policies on employment, health care and adoption, according to a new survey.
The GenForward survey of Americans ages 18-30 found that support for those policies has increased over the past two years, especially among young whites. ...

Why Businesses Worry About Civil Rights for LGBT Workers

Employment law firm Littler Mendelson expects a spike in LGBT discrimination lawsuits.
Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court made history by granting LGBT people in the U.S. the legal right to marry their loved ones.
Since that time, approximately 123,000 same-sex marriages have taken place, according to the Gallup Organization, and there are now about 491,000 such marriages in the U. ...

Bud Light debuts trans-inclusive TV spot

Bud Light debuts trans-inclusive TV spot
Bud Light today debuted a TV ad featuring transgender actor Ian Harvie and included a message of support for "people of all genders." The trans-affirming ad will air nationally across 20 networks. ...